Bricks Galore Play Pouch


Tired of stepping on LEGO® or tripping over toys? We have the solution! Bricks Galore Play Pouch - the ultimate play mat & LEGO® storage bag in one.

Bricks Galore Play Pouch provides a place to play and is easy to pack & store away. 


 * Made from durable canvas, rope and high quality red eyelets. 
 * Hand drawn bricks on outer with denim edge-strip. 
 * Comfortably fits up to 8 kids around when open. 
 * Handy zip pocket for hard to find treasures and valuables. 
 * Perfect for LEGO®, DUPLO® dolls, Sylvanian Families, village blocks,  toddler toys, dress-ups, mega blocks and more! 
 * Approximately 140cm/55" in diameter when open.