Enchanted Garden - Mindful Potion Kit

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This enchanted and whimsical potion making kit is for those curious about making flower elixirs to entice fairies into your garden, dance with pixies and to create a love potion that will truly let you love the person inside you. 

Within this kit you will find recipes and ingredients to make potions for strength, positivity & self love. There are also two spells to spark your child's imagination! One for creating a fairy elixir recipe to call the fairies to your garden and another to create a joyful dance and call the pixies out to join you. 

POTION KIT - comes with:
• 3 x dry ingredients 
• 1 x dry ingredient in reusable PET plastic bottles 
• 2 x sparkly liquids in reusable PET plastic bottles 
• Positivity Potion Cards – including:
    4 x recipe cards with affirmations
    1 x ingredients index card

Our mindful magic potion kits are a great way to introduce kids sensory play and mindfulness.