Old Mcbussy's Farm Play Pouch


Minimum mess, MAXimum PLAY!

Toy storage bag and play mat with fun play scene on inner!

"Old McBussy's Farm was inspired by my wonderful childhood on the farm in rural South Australia, complete with Grandma the border collie (yes, our beloved dog was called Grandma!) Chuck Bussy is my dad, Old McBussy is in reference to him however I'm not sure he likes the "old" bit!" - Kate C

Encourage self-guided play and easy pack away with Old McBussy's Farm Play Pouch!

Old McBussy's Farm Play Pouch comes with a stylish mono chrome print to compliment current interior trends on the outside, and a playful farmyard, garden and digger scene on the inside encouraging hours of imaginative play. When it's time to pack away simply pull on the ropes to gather all the toys neatly inside.