Shower Steamers


Handmade with love our shower steamers are packed with top quality essential oils so you can enjoy an aromatherapy session in your own home! 

Place your shower steamer in the corner of your shower or a location where this is a light flow of warm water to activate. The essential oils will then fill your bathroom so you can start enjoying all the benefits!
Place your steamer in a shollow dish with warm water to activate, that you can be in control how of much you want to use and where you want to put it! 
UNWIND - Lavender essential oils. 
ROMANCE - Rose geranium essential oil.  
SWEET DREAMS - Lavender and Camomile essential oils. 
REFRESH - Watermelon and Strawberry Seed oils.  
TROPICAL WAVES - Grapefruit, Sweet orange and Passionfruit essential oils.  
BREATHE EASY - Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils. 
SERENE - Sandlewood and Jasmine essential oils. 
SUMMER SUNSET - Mango Seed oil and Jasmine essential oil. 
Bicarbonate soda, Citric acid, Essential oil, Cream of tar tar, Starch, Epsom salts, Isocol and Organic Botanicals.