Smockie Bib ™ - Dinosaur Days


Are you sick of going through a new outfit almost every meal? Tired of little tiny bibs that barely cover your little ones clothes? Do you want to let bub fully explore food the way they need to for learning whilst keeping it as easy as possible for yourself? YOU NEED THESE SMOCKS!!

They are the perfect bibs to protect your little one’s clothes from getting dirty whilst allowing your little one to indulge in messy food time!

These smock bibs are 100% waterproof right through the sleeves and feature a catch-all pocket to snag any food your little one drops.

Easy care – the lightweight fabric is convenient and instantly re-usable: simply rinse or wipe with a damp cloth between meals and chuck in the washing machine after 1 – 2 days!

These bibs feature press studs at the back of the neck so they are easily suited to fit bubs of all ages! We want you to get the longevity out them.

Dimensions: 11 x 1 x 11 cm (4.3 x 0.4 x 4.3 in)